Frying fish is the fastest, easiest and healthiest way to cook it. Not only will your family love it, but they’ll be begging you to make it again. How do you cook perfect Rouh fish fry? Here I shall tell you how to fry a Rohu fish with perfection.

Whether you choose to fry catfish, trout, cod, carp or just about any type of fish, it’s sure to please your whole family. No matter what type of fish you choose freshness is to key to perfect fry fish. So, you make sure the fish you are cooking is fresh. Keep in mind two key points when buying fish, 1. Check the gills, if it’s red and bright in colour 2. fish should not smell fishy, then the fish is fresh.

Here few words about Rohu fish.(click)

When we talk about rohu fish, the first thing that should come to mind is the place of origin- ROHU fish (Labeo rohita or Labeo boga), also known as Indian carp, is a freshwater fish found widely in the rivers of the Indian Subcontinent. It is very popular in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and is selectively bred to various strains. The hued varieties are quite popular than solid ones because of the higher price. Rohu fish is consumed dried, fresh and salted across both domestic and international markets.

Frying the fish is very easy.

Cut the fish and wash it very well with fresh water. Marinate with basic Indian fish marinade “Turmeric & salt”. Heat a little deep pan and pour any vegetable oil of your choice. Generally, apart from the southern coastal region of India, Mustard oil is most popular and widely used in every Indian household. We Indians love the strong pepperiness of Mustard oil and it goes best with fish to dominate the fishy smell. When you see the oil starts smoking and the colour of the oil become faded then it’s the right time to put your fish in the pan. Please remember if you put the fish before the oil is ready your fish will stick to the pan and also breaks away. Fry on medium-high heat, uncovered. Don’t touch your fish with a spatula or spoon to avoid breaking up the fish. Shake the pan lightly, if the fish slide on the pan without sticking know it’s time to turn the other side down to cook evenly. You can fry medium or deeply according to your taste but I like a medium-deep fry.

Enjoy your fried fish with Rice and Dal (ডাল ভাত) 

Dal and rice (ডাল ভাত) is most common and typical staple Indian Food. Fried fish goes very well with this dish.

I also like to enjoy this type of small fried carp with piping hot Indian flatbread ( রুটি). Separate the flesh from bone and wrap it with flatbread like an Indian version of sushi. It gives a beautiful mouthful taste. You can try and if you like it let us know via comment.


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