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10 Minutes Cook, Healthy & tasty, cheap & easy are the main features of this recipe, Indian Egg Rice With Soya Nuggets – The Indian Food. If you have little time and an empty pantry, you can easily make this at home. It’s good to have a balanced and healthy meal. So Indian Egg Rice With Soya Nuggets | Unique 10 minutes cook is perfect for weekdays or busy days when you have less time and want to eat something healthy and tasty at home.

One pot meal

So you’re looking for a quick meal—but not just any quick meal, you want something that can be cooked in 10 minutes or less. Enter one-pot meals, a collection of recipes where everything comes together in one pot with very little fussing and preparation. They are also generally low-cost meals made from basic ingredients found in most pantries (and very likely your kitchen cabinets). This One-pot Indian Egg Rice With Soya Nuggets | Unique 10 Minutes Cook is a perfect recipe for weekdays or busy days when you have less time to cook an elaborate meal. It is also perfect for a casual everyday lunch with friends or family (you can even ditch utensils and eat straight out of your pots!). Most importantly, they taste great!

What is Indian Egg Rice With Soya Nuggets | Unique 10 Minutes Cook

Indian Egg Rice With Soya Nuggets is a yummy, simple to cook and yet very healthy and tasty Indian egg rice. This one-pot recipe of Indian Egg Rice With Soya Nuggets is best for lunch, dinner or breakfast. Add all ingredients into a pressure cooker and cook to 4 whistles and you are done. You can even pack it for school/college/office tiffin. It is a complete meal that contains all necessary nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fibre and calcium) in sufficient quantities to make you feel full at least till your next meal time… So go ahead and try out our simplest yet delicious Indian Egg Rice With Soya Nuggets | Unique 10 Minutes Cook recipes ever!

Perfect Meal For Batchlors Or Who Live Alone

When you live alone and want to cook something tasty and healthy for yourself, there are times when you don’t find enough time for cooking or too much fatigue after a hard day’s work. At those times, it is perfect if you have some quick recipes which you can fix with whatever is available in your kitchen at that moment. Here I have a quick & easy recipe for egg rice with soya nuggets which is just the perfect meal like that! You will get full of proteins and carbohydrates from egg and soya nuggets while enjoying a tasty meal in just under 10 minutes!

Healthier Than Street Food

This Indian egg rice with soya nuggets recipe is for those who are health conscious as it has lesser oil and spice as compared to most other street food recipes. It is also healthier as it has eggs which act as a good source of protein while soya nuggets provide essential nutrition required by our body and both are quite cheap in price too. This dish can be prepared in ten minutes only and is not just delicious but filling too. So it’s perfect for breakfast or lunch or even dinner! It comes out to be very cheap considering you get all essential nutrition from it too! So you don’t have to eat unhealthy food on the street when you have no time to cook 2-3 items for complete home food.

Ingredients for Indian Egg Rice With Soya Nuggets

  • Rice
  • A tomato cut inti four pieces
  • Chopped green chilli
  • 7-10 Pealed whole garlic cloves
  • Sliced ginger
  • An onion cut into four pieces and each layer separated
  • Lightly fried potato cubes
  • Lightly fried pre-soaked soya nuggets
  • Omlet-cut into bite size pieces
  • Whole cumin and dry chilli for tempering oil
  • Mustard oil for cooking and frying
  • Signeture dry roasted spice mix
  • Turmeric powder
  • Salt & pepper

Preparation Of Ingredients

  • Wash the rice with clean water 3-4 times. Drain water well.
  • Cut potato intu cubes. Heat a little bit oil in cooker and fry lightly the potato cubes without lit.
  • Soak soya nuggets into hot water for 5-7 minutes. Squize out all water form soya nuggets by hand. After frying potato, in the same pot fry soya nuggets lightly.
  • Crack two eggs. Add 2 tsp of water and whisk well. In a frying pan ( You can aslo use the cooker) heat little bit of oli. Add beaten egg and spread all accross the pan. Lower the heat. When the omlet become just hard enough to flip, roll from side. Fry well. Cut into bite size pieces.

How to cook Indian Egg Rice With Soya Nuggets | Unique 10 Minutes Cook

Follow this section word by word. You will be able to cook the same dish even with no cooking knowledge.

Heat some oil into the cooker. When oil starts to smoke add whole cumin-dry chilli to temper the oil. Add onion-ginger-garlic-green chilli together and stir fry on high heat. Add rice and cook for one minute, stir well to prevent burning. Add water double of rice by volume. Add the rest of the ingredients. Add turmeric powder and signature dry roast spice mix. Season with salt & pepper to taste. Close the lit well and cook to four whistles. Turn off the heat and let the pot rest until vapour pressure inside the pot settles down completely. You are ready to serve.

Benefites of this dish

It is a complete balanced meal made up of simple and cheap ingredients that can be found easily in your kitchen. It contains all necessary nutrition from carbs, protein and fat required for good healthy food. This is a balanced meal cooked in 10 minutes. It can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner to get full of nutrition but still save time for other tasks in day to day life. Kids will love its taste and find it delicious, easy to eat, without any fuss or drama which usually comes with making elaborate food at home. All spices are used in the right proportion so it won’t cause any bad effect on health like heartburn or indigestion etc… With so many benefits I am sure you’ll like it and rate it 5 stars if you try Indian Egg Rice With Soya Nuggets | Unique 10 Minutes Cook.


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