Fish & Rice, the staple food of Bengal

Cauliflower is a healthy vegetable and rich source of fiber, antioxidants and vitamin CIt has many health benefits. Some people wrongly refer to it as cabbage but it is not so.There are many recipes of cauliflower such as cauliflower stir fry, cauliflower with cheesesauce, nachos can be prepared with this vegetable. But today I have come up with an easyrecipe yet quite delicious and healthy recipe of cauliflower & potato curry with Bata fishserved along with plain white rice. A simple cauliflower and potato curry recipe hackedwith bata fish makes for the perfect meal for lunch of dinner when you don’t want to exerta lot of effort in the kitchen.

Preparing the fish:

Clean the fish and wash well. You can also ask your fishmonger to do it for you if you don’t want to do it yourself. Just add some salt and turmeric powder and mix well to coat the fish. (click here) Fry the fish to a golden brown.

Ingredients and tips for ingredient substitution:

To cook this awesome curry you need fresh cauliflower first. Bright in colour and tight flower is best. Cut it into pieces. Take two medium-size or one big size potato, cut into 1 cm wide stips. Slit some green chillies. paste 1cm ginger. cube one medium tomato. Take one tbsp turmeric and red chilli powder each together. Take whole cumin-coriander-black pepper in a separate small dry bowl.

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