Do you love cooking Indian food but are not sure about the ingredients to buy or the best way to prepare it? I do. That’s why I started my blog – The Indian Food. I write about India specific recipes, local food, traditional recipesHome food, food reviews, product recommendations, and some easy cooking tips and tricks. I hope others will benefit from the information I share here. You are welcome to join our Forum.

Welcome to my food blog

Hi, I am Sandy, an Indian guy from west Bengal. I am the guy who “doesn’t eat to live, who live to eat”. My emotion about food grows my interest in cooking. I learnt my initial cooking lessons from my parents at home. During my college days, I used to live alone away from my home. so I have to cook my own food. After education, I got a job far more away from home in another state of India, Odisha. These many years of cooking traditional home food for daily meals and also trying different cooking styles gave me good skills in cooking.

India is a very big and diverse country. Every 50 km food changes, language changes. It’s literally a melting pot of various dishes and recipes. From countries, colonial backgrounds Indian cuisine has British, French, Portuguese influence. In this blog, I shall introduce you to the vast food and recipes of India along with very traditional daily home food categorically.


The Indian Food carries Indian tradition

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